About Us

C: What is this web site doing?
A: Get a computer program.

C: What program do you have?
A: Can write all Windows App and Web App.

C: What is Windows App?
A: Windows App is a program that runs on Windows operating system. The program is developed with Visual Basic and the database is Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server like this.

C: What is the Web App like?
A: Web App is a program that runs on the Internet. Web pages, web blogs, ecommerce web sales, or development of specialized systems. Working on website It can do it like a document system. Equipment inventory Dispatching equipment, etc.

C: What about the price?
A: The price depends on the difficulty of the program you want to use, the characteristics of the program is working very little. But also talk about it. Follow our slogan. Service like a close friend Price as friendship

C: interesting and how to contact?
A: Contact details on the CONTACT US page or call 086-5395529. Or Email cyberjoie@hotmail.com